• Make National Gun Buyback day a nationally-recognized commemorative day highlighting efforts to reduce gun violence.

  • Hold a gun buyback event in all 50 states.


  • Give gun owners the opportunity to eliminate gun risk from their lives without government intervention of any kind.

  • Give physicians and medical students opportunites to interact with gun owners and develop more effective counseling methods for talking to patients about guns.

It has been shocking to hear the response from parents when I ask if there are guns or knives in the home. Often these parents, some of them much younger than I, will respond as if they’d never considered these weapons as a danger to their infant or toddler. Without being exposed to “gun sense” education, I may not have been able to provide appropriate counseling to protect these young children from a deadly accident. “Gun sense” education is as important and as simple as encouraging proper restraint in a car and helmets while on a bike.

  Patrick L., Resident.

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