John C. Wood II was a surgical resident at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City when he was shot to death in a street-corner robbery after he left the hospital to buy a snack for his pregnant wife.

His death was random, inexplicable and tragic. But it was not uncommon. Since November 2, 1981, the day John Wood was killed, more than 400,000 Americans have died because someone committed a senseless act of violence with a gun.

The John C. Wood II Memorial Foundation is led by community-based physicians whose careers are dedicated to improving the lives of their patients through defining and responding to health risks. Because gun violence is the major cause of 20,000+ suicides, 12,000+ homicides and 75,000 non-fatal injuries each year, gun violence is a serious risk to health.

Please join us to free our communities from the health risk of gun violence.

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On December 14, 2019 the medical centers in Worcester and Springfield collected 278 guns and 14 towns around Worcester also did buybacks the same day.  

December 14 2019 Is Buyback Day

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  • This website contains information and resources about gun buybacks. 

  • The first National Gun Buyback Day took place in 4 states on December 16, 2017. You can see some of the results here.

  • The goal of the John C. II Wood Foundation is to unite communities, medical centers and public authorities in a national gun buyback program embracing all 50 states.​ 

Learning about injury prevention and firearms has been career-defining for me.  I've been fortunate to participate in gun buy-back events and it is gratifying to see numerous firearms collected from individuals who no longer wish to own them.  Working as part of the injury prevention team with Dr. Hirsh has shaped my education as a physician and profoundly influenced my perspective on how to help keep our patients healthy and safe.

  Jeffrey B., 3rd-year medical student.


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